I Stand With Malala

Malala believes that every girl should and has the right to be educated, it doesn’t matter what tribe, culture or religion she is from, she should be educated. Her words- ‘one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world’._MG_1453.jpg

We had our own Malala down in the quiet town of Erunmu community in Oyo state Ibadan who spoke passionately about the education of girls in her community and the place of the Nigerian government and the educational system. Photographing her as she spoke was touching because as she spoke tears welled up in her eyes because of the challenges of education in her state. I had to stop my photographing and decided to do a video instead, even though the conditions for a video were not right I felt it was better to have to listen to what she had to say rather than see her speaking.

OneLife Initiative took the film of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who got shot in the head for speaking up against the Taliban in her small town of Swat Valley for prohibiting women from being educated, to Erunmu community. This was done to start up the conversation of the importance of girl education. We saw from their point of view the challenges facing the girl child. All the conversations were done in the native language which left me in limbo although I had to learn the word “importance of education” which was the Pataki èkó because it flew around a lot. All I had to do was stand behind my lens and watch things happen.


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