New Places

Jos! Plateau state is the most beautiful place I’ve been to recently with lush lands, mountains and plains. To see this you have to go by road and then enjoy the view. Little wonder the whites are attracted to this part of the country – the weather tries to keep their bodies as cool as it can get.


My job as a development photographer has given me the opportunity to travel to places I wouldn’t go on a usual day. I saw interesting things and a people who are a lot slower than the people from where I came. It made me laugh after my work was done but while I was working, getting from one place to another was quite annoying as the taxi driver would take his time while driving and listening to his music not minding if passengers were in a hurry or not. I once asked on driver politely if he could step on it’ and he just smiled and asked me if I was in a hurry, I thought my quick ‘yes’ would propel him and make him drive faster but that was the least of his problems at that point and to make matters even worse he just brought out his Phone and called someone who I suspected would was his girlfriend considering his hush tones. I think the difference between the drivers where I am from and in Jos is their age. There in Jos the drivers are mostly youths and so they have their entire lives ahead of them. The drivers from where I came are so old you wonder why they are still driving, they probably want to make the most of what’s left of their lives hence the ‘no time’ attitude.

I tried every new fruit I came across, any new food that I’d never tasted didn’t pass me by. And so on one of our trips I saw this strange orange-like fruit, everyone except I was happy to see that fruit, they said it reminded them of their childhood. Well I wouldn’t say I wasn’t happy, I was rather excited to be tasting something new. We all came out of the vehicle to buy this thing called Jioh in Hausa (Please Jos People help me out with the name and spelling). I was more excited to be taking a photo of Jioh so I brought out my camera and as usual this boy hides his face in disapproval. I assured him that I only want to take a photo of the fruit and so he lets me; using the fruit to cover his face.


The fruit has a flesh and seeds like that of African cherry or Agbalumo as we usually call it. Nobody advised me to not chew the flesh with my teeth. It is so sour, three days later I still could not chew anything! My molars felt dead and sensitive I had to swallow everything.


In all it was one of the most amazing trips I’ve had in a long time.


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