Photography-How-to-win-a-spot-at-FIFA World Cup

Have you ever wondered about the photographers that take those awesome soccer images we use on social media for memes, news reports and all that? The most widely used ones are from football matches. Other ones used are from the Olympics and other sporting events.


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It will be a photographer’s dream to be part of the fortunate few to capture those awesome moments. First, you get to watch the match and then have fun capturing those moments on the field that we most often adore. Sitting close to those photographers during the world cup, I can only imagine how many thousands of clicks you will hear every second. Have you also ever wondered what it takes to be one of those photographers just clicking away every second of the match? Well, I do every time I watch a match – not like I watch football but maybe If I happen pass-by where a match is being watched or have to watch a match because Nigeria is playing.

So I stumbled on a site while researching how to get a spot on the media team for a major event like Russia 2018. It gives a detailed description of how you can get a spot at the FIFA World Cup event. It took me like hours before I found this site but here: and It’s too late for this year’s world cup though but I’m pretty sure it can serve as a guide for someone and it pretty much the same process every season with maybe some slight changes.

This tripped me a lot- During Pyeongchang’s winter Olympics, Canon was there to provide tech support for all canon photographers during the games. That’s not all, they also had about 72 staff from 10 different countries that speak 10 different languages to help the photographers with any issues they had with their gear. You don’t want to miss that award-winning photo because your gear had a minor glitch. Check out their gear room.


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Cool right? These cameras don’t carry lenses rather the lenses carry the cameras.


The True Story of the “Ghana Must Go” Saga in 1983

I have always wondered about the history of the bag Ghana-must-Go, Sometimes I fear that as Nigeria’s economy is going through what Ghana must have gone through in those years, there will be a tendency to send Nigerians parking from their country if they do not behave themselves in other countries. The Exodus wont be only of 1 million people because the number of Nigerians in diaspora is more than a small country’s population.
Whatever happened to that strong solid Ghana-must-go bag that we used to have is exactly what has happened to Nigeria as a whole – very poor quality.
Thanks Teslim for this post.


Jerry J Rawlings at Tema Harbour Jerry J Rawlings at Tema Harbour | Abiyamo

Growing up in Nigeria, Ghana and other neighboring countries, you must have heard of the popular term “Ghana Must Go“. Yes! It is the name of a common big bag used to store things or pack loads when traveling. But have you ever wondered why this bag, called “Chinatown tote” in USA and “Tuekenkoffer” in Germany, is called “Ghana Must Go” in Nigeria and Ghana? Well, someone did not just sit and coin the name for the bag, a real life incident that happened in Nigeria back in 1983 christened the bag “Ghana Must Go”.

In 1983, during the democratic regime of President Sheu Shagari, the federal government of Nigeria ordered a mass deportation of illegal immigrants living in Nigeria due to the atrocities most of them were reportedly perpetrating in the country. More than…

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A rose by any other name…


Red Rose by Tenisnaps

As a child I loved dry season which was towards the end of the year and the beginning of the next year. To me, dry season meant celebrations like Christmas and the New Year, it meant days of dry skin-no sweat, it meant days when our hairs would turn white from dust and we would imagine we were old. But then I grew older and the dry skin was not fun anymore neither was the dust on my shoes or the blood in my nose from the dryness. If like me you are from the north in Nigeria you would understand how extreme the weather can get. My best childhood memory of rainy season was the fact that my mom would make you a very hot cup of chocolate tea especially if you got beat down by the rain on your way home. I began to develop a liking for the rainy season, then I fell in love with the smell of freshly cut grass, and the smell of rain from afar and eventually when I started photographing, I found that it was more beautiful to take pictures against the background of green vegetation. The flowers blossom most this time, the roses look redder and the grasses look greener. The combination of natural colours like green and yellow or green and pink or green and purple, whatever colour the flowers are, are always against the green background, they always look beautiful. The clear blue skies or the clouds shielding the sun from harsh condition and giving you opportunity to take lovely photos.

Phone users should know

Mobile Phone Photography

Are you one of those people who wish ‘oh I should have brought out my phone to take that picture?

Well you are not alone. A lot of us miss out great opportunities to take good pictures and when we do we think oh that was a waste of time and then you hit the delete button.

Here are a few things you can do to make the most out of your phone camera.

First of all, before you run off and but a camera phone, you need to do a lot of research to find out what kind of phone best suits you. In today’s world no one will say ‘well… the camera is not really what I need the phone for’ ok even if you don’t need it for taking pictures of yourself, you will need it for scanning documents; I mean who goes to the cyber café to scan anymore right. So, you need a phone with a good camera to make that happen. If your business is taking selfies or doing videos of yourself you should get a phone that has good front camera. At least some phones now come with front cameras that are higher in resolution than the back cameras. In essence get a phone with a good camera.

Secondly, know your camera: most of the time we don’t take time to look at the settings of our camera. Some people don’t even notice that they are there but they are actually there for a reason so go ahead and try out all the modes and see what they do and what difference it makes in your picture.

Did you know that some phones have a feature that can convert pictures of written text to actual written text? So if you are lazy to type just snap and convert and then you can edit and save easy!

Compose your shot: when you compose shots, you are choosing how to arrange your elements in your frame. Shapes, colours, lines. These essentially add aesthetics to the photo; for example a person wearing purple will pop against a yellow background.

Framing with lines in photography

Framing: I find that sometimes people can’t afford to pay a photographer to do their coverage and then find that its cheaper to use their phones for a meeting or a small program but then they want to take a group photograph and instead of holding their phones horizontally {landscape} they hold it vertically {portrait}. I like to take photos in landscape when I’m using my phone mode because I want to see other things that are going on in the background of the event, phones have a cropped sensor anyway. Except if my focus is an individual or just one element then portrait is my best bet so I can cut out any interference.

Take lots of shots: take pictures from different angles if you will, it doesn’t matter how many pictures what matters is how much space you have on your phone. You will realise that it is only two or three pictures you will find useful.

Then focus: the box in your frame helps you to focus on your image. Try not to zoom as the zoom on the phone is not as good as you find in professional camera; if you zoom you will loose a lot of pixels which will make the picture look like a total waste of time and space. You can also move the focus box to where you want to focus and take you picture. If you do this you will be able to get a clear image and a blur background.

Framing Projector rule of third

New Year New Habit


little boy reading

A friend once told me that it doesn’t hurt to read. Its not that I don’t read but I just feel like reading entails sitting down with a book and flipping it. He said when ever he buys anything that was wrapped in a piece of paper; Boli (roasted plantain), Akara (bean cake), Wara (Tofu), Guguru and Epa (popcorn and groundnut) he will make it a point of duty to open the paper and feed his eyes after feeding is stomach.

Beyond the colorful pages of a book or colourful videos on phones, he has formed the habit of identifying letters and numbers and reads them out to make sure he doesn’t forget. I have decided to learn from my friend and from this little cutie that reading fertilizes the mind.

Beyond reading, I have also decided to form new habits so watch this page in the coming months for better photographs, interesting insights into lives of everyday people.



Its a beautiful building of worship, but I strongly think that people are more particular about building the house of worship rather than building people. I think that if we build people we would automatically build the nation and focus less on fighting crime.


Nightmare of a Photographer

Photographers in Nigeria admire foreigners that we see on tv or on the streets especially the way they just take out their cameras and click click. I can say absolutely say that most of us want to be able to do that on the street of Nigeria but hey! except you want to get beaten or have your camera broken and we all know how expensive these gears are. when you go on the street and point your camera, the next person has sized up your gear and is probably thinking of how much they can make form selling your gear, they might even go further to think about how they will spend the money and who they will share it with as settlement. A friend shared on Facebook how she got slapped and her camera thrown on the floor because she tried to take some pictures on the streets. She went ahead to show her ID card as a journalist and further explain to the mob that it’s her job but all that fell on deaf ears. I just imagined if I was in her shoes I would think of anything to say to help me get my shot and pray hard that I don’t get beaten up. Honestly there is no mercy on the streets of Nigeria when you are holding a camera.

I once tried to take a photograph of one of our campaign buses that carried our #EndFGM message on the sides and before I even began to take my shot, one random passer by began to question me. I put on my ‘I-Don’t-want-any-trouble’ face and before long the man got angry because I had not replied any of his questions. He just began to insult me and tell me how my parents did not train me well and all that. I just quietly moved away from that spot to an office building opposite, walked in and asked if I could take my shot from their upstairs office.IMG_9501

Child! Not Breadwinner


I am not against a child helping her mother out to make ends meet in the home, but let’s be fair, a child is a child. Children want to play eat and sleep when they are not going to school, at least that is what they do since they can only be seen and not heard according to many adults. So why should a child become bread winners if they can’t be heard? It is like saying that a boy of a certain age should not allowed to watch a movie with violent content but we put a gun in his hand and make him a child soldier or that a girl should not watch a movie with sexual content yet she is married off before she turns 18. Children should be allowed to be children: play with their dolls, play in the sand, play in the rain too; children are children only for a short while. When they become adults they will be adults, then they can take up breadwinning responsibilities after all they didn’t ask to be born.